Yahoo is Changing its name to Altaba?


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We heard a news that Yahoo is changing its name to Altaba. Recently they did a deal with Google for improving visitors & popularity because of Yahoo Popularity was declining.

On various news website, You can read that Yahoo is changing its name to Altaba but a News website TheGuardian confirm that they are not renaming name however It creates a confusion in public.

Is this is a deal of Google to improve popularity of Yahoo by making confusion in people?

I think this is only a rumor because of Why any popular company will change their name? By changing name do you think their popularity will be increased and people will start using Yahoo again?

We are not fool, If they will rename their company name then they will lose huge money because of Renaming and replacing Yahoo with another name will be costly and also popularity will be decline.

I can believe If they will start a new company with different name to get visitors but renaming company name is totally bad Idea.

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