Windows 7, etc - Can't enable hibernation - Solved (Tired? - Must Read this)


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I was upgraded my RAM and found that hibernate option was disappeared and read many article. Some of suggest to create new power plan and some suggest to run enable hibernate command, etc.

If you tried this all and still Hibernate does not work then here is solution.

Why Hibernate option disappeared/disabled?
1. First check your System Drive disk status, How much disk space is free?
2. Now check how much total RAM you have?

(Reason: You don't have a enough free disk space. You need free space equal to size of RAM.)

Solution:Example: Command:
powercfg -h -size 50

It can show error but don't worry, If you already make a free space in your system drive then reboot. If hibernate file size does not resize by 50% and hibernate option is working then again run "powercfg -h - size 50" (Without quota) command in CMD as a administrator.

After reboot hibernate option will be enabled and If you want to give us a thank then join our forum.