Web Hosting Forum - 7 Tricks for Writing SEO Content


One of the most repeated maxims in the search engine optimization world in recent years is: Content is King. And after an era when links were the real heroes when it comes to improving SEO, Google has gradually given up the throne of content.

So, when optimizing the SEO of a website, it is enough to consider not only the external SEO Off Page factors - such as link building - or the main SEO On Page factors - developing an appropriate structure, internal linking, tag structure or optimization of SEO fields, etc. a corporate or e-commerce website could position itself in Google SERPs, it is necessary to publish high-quality and useful content for the user.

Based on this assumption, SEO writing becomes extremely important. You could say that no type of content is worth it. In addition to following some basic writing rules to keep the text understandable for the user and free of spelling mistakes, SEO optimized content involves many other guidelines.

The large amount of content published on the Internet makes it more and more difficult for a website to position itself in the first results. However, there are some SEO content writing tips that can help you grow online.

What is SEO copy-writing?
SEO Writing is the act of writing web optimized content with regard to various techniques promoting online positioning. Given the various SEO metrics, it tries to deal first results with search engines like Google. Writing content without any guidelines or prior structure is not useful. It is necessary to have some basics on the basis of which you want to tell how it is to be written and, above all, how it should be constructed.

What is SEO writing for?
SEO writing serves to improve your search engine SERP positioning, as we mentioned, to increase organic traffic and get your brand more presence on the internet.

However, there is a long way to go before we reach this point and become the industry's reference web portal. And it is this that although the ultimate goal is to climb the SERP rankings until you reach the first positions and attract more traffic to the web and then convert it, the first step is to offer the user quality content, generating trust click again and read .

So, once the importance of SEO writing has been exposed as one of the core pillars of On Page SEO Optimization on any domain, it's time to learn the keys and tricks to becoming an SEO copywriter.

Write for people One of the first tips to consider is that the person you are about to read the post is a person. It seems that SEO copywriting is aimed at satisfying search engines and meeting their technical standards. But it's not like that.

It should not be forgotten that the end user will be someone who wants answers to their questions. Therefore, the writing must be simple, natural and simple. It is not worth thinking about the same topic many times, because the user will be looking for an answer to his question and he will do it quickly. One way to present your content clearly and concisely is to use a question and answer format where the question is directly resolved below.

Not forgetting, of course, good spelling and optimal readability. On some platforms, such as WordPress, the SEO module informs you that readability is appropriate, among other things, so the wording can be adapted to the guidelines set.

Find the main keyword
Directly related to the previous point, before we start typing and fill in the blank, it is necessary to clearly specify the user search to which we want to answer. That is, what will be the keyword that we are going to focus the content on. There are a few questions we can ask ourselves: What is the user search intent, transactional or informational? What type of website am I going to write content for? What kind of word do I choose, head tail or long tail?

It is convenient to pre-research the situation, find out the user's search intent, perform industry keyword analysis, and select the post's main keyword. There are various tools that work like a keyword finder with which you can get an introduction.