The Blesta 5.5 Has Emerged With A Boom


It is undoubtedly great news that at last Blesta 5.5 has emerged. The domain manager gets updates, a bulk TLD import, advanced renewal domain renewals. Price overrides are absolutely automatic for domains and a new internet too.

An option to hide unnecessary client fields on both order forms and within the area of the client along with the adjustment of the start value and formatting of client ID's are at hand Download 5.5 Prior to very upgrading, 5.0 was a major release with increased system requirements. It is expected to back up the files+ Database before you go on for upgrading.

What are new in Blesta 5.5?
  • The new system has added a bulk TLD import option to the domain manager.
  • It has added the option for domains to renew further in advance.
  • It has added an option to cut in prices for new domains.
  • New filter options to the Domain Manager is added.
  • A new domain registrar module is added.
  • A new abandoned order option with unpaid orders for sending reminders to clients is available.
  • It has added an option to hide unnecessary client fields.
  • The ability to set the Client ID Start Value, Client ID Format, and Client ID Increment value has been added.
  • A Package setting that automatically sets a price override for new services. Thus it locks in the original price.
  • Transaction messages within the transaction expand area exclusively for supported gateways are also added.
  • The Portal plug-in to add support for multi-language is available.
  • To show an ACH "Mandate", Updated Stripe Payments and added support for transaction messages are available.
  • There are enough scope for Updated Namecheap, Namesilo, and Logicboxes to help TLD import and price sync.
  • A new event for e-mail verification is added.
  • It has added a Doc Comments file in ~/lib/doc_comments.php for auto completion support in IDEs.
  • Modules are able to insert their own content in the management of client service.
  • It is recommended to update one’s extensions to support PHP 8.

What is your opinion about Blesta 5.5?


Staff member
Blasta is good software. Only one file is encrypted, and other files can be edited.

I prefer Blasta due to its better pricing.