(Seems they are out of business) T1Hosting - Full Review - Must read before chosing them


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I found T1Hosting from a forum and decided to write a review, I was so excited so open a ticket with them and next day I check my email and yet my ticket was not replied. I was think maybe they are business so next day again I check status and ticket was not replied

Bad points of t1Hosting:
  • Look like a proxy company, WhoisPrivacy is hidden.
  • No Business address on their website.
  • No country location.
  • Support ticket not response to our query even after 2 days.
  • Seems complete fake company because of everything is hidden, Even they do not spend a dime on web design and using a readymade template of WHMCS.
  • Domain was used for free forum hosting so It seems they purchased a expired domain in 2012. (According to Wayback Archive)
  • We can't find about us page which is weird because of most of genuine company at lest write a About Us page.
  • Not active after 2015, Yes. Last announcement was 2015 so It seem they are not so active as said by their customer in reviews so beware.

Good Point:
  • There is no any info when their company was founded, etc but we use Wayback Archive, Look at some other links and found that it was created in 2014 (T1Hosting was founded in 2014) - So at lest they are 3 Year old company(Current Year is: 2016)
  • Bit active in various Forums.
  • Have some good reviews.
  • Price is affordable.
  • Corporate Member in WebHostingTalk Forum.
  • Active on Social media like Twitter, Facebook.
  • Using SSL, Good for customers.
Where is T1Hosting.com is hosted?
Their website is hosted on choopa.com

Price of t1Hosting is look good because of price for 3GB disk space is around $21 per year.

Shared Bronze Plan: (Plan 1)
Disk: 3GB
Bandwidth: 100GB per month
Price: $1.25/mo (Paid Yearly)

Shared Silver Plan (Plan 2)
Disk: 15GB
Bandwidth: 200GB per month (Bandwidth is to much low for 15GB Plan)
Price: $4/m

So, If you will compare both then maybe you will got confused because of disk space of Silver plan is increased by 5x but bandwidth is only increased by 1x time.

Customer Service:
Even after 2 days, Our ticket is not replied so I will give then 1/10 star.

This review can be changed?
We can't change review about bad customer service but If they will improve and add business address, remove privacy from their domain, Update their site, Add about us page then we can modify bad points only.

Website Address: (Removed)
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