MyBB Forums Admin Security Setup


MyBB Forums Admin Security Setup:

Do you have a MyBB Forums and you want to make sure it's secure from hackers? Well this tutorial, will show you how to make your admincp secure from hackers trying to access your AdminCP. I would personally recommend doing all of theses, in my opinion but it's up to you.

Steps to make your forums secure:Official MyBB Mods PageAdmin Control Panel
  1. Add extra auth with .htpasswd
  2. htpasswd Generator
  3. htaccess Authentication
DDoS attackers.

Rename admin directory either in file manager at web host or through FTP Client


Find or Add:

You can change it like this, to anything you want.


Adding Admin Control Panel PIN (Recommended):


Quote: said:
[font=monospace, monospace]'1234' or '9821' or your own PIN.[/font]

Hide all Admin Links (Recommended):
If you wish to hide all Admin CP links on the front end of the board after renaming your Admin CP directory.


- Now change it from 0 - to 1


This is a FAKE Admin Control Panel, that looks like the real one. In addition to their IP address will be emailed to you, then you can take action against them.

Download Fake Admin CP here

  1. Open up the plugin file, which will be located: inc/plugins/
  2. Once you've done that, now save it and close the plugin, your all done! You can now install that plugin on MyBB 1.8

To install Fake Admin CP, follow these steps:
  • Rename your real /admin/ directory and modify your /inc/config.php to reflect the change.
  • Upload the new FAKE /admin/ directory and the plugin file.
  • Activate the plugin and set email notification preferences.
I hope this tutorial was helpful for your MyBB Forums!