List of Free Web Hosting Billing Software - Updated 2023


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Many peoples can't afford money for a hosting billing software in starting, Some peoples says that If you can't afford for a hosting billing software then you should not run a hosting company but I am not agree with them.

Thousands of hosting company started by using free billing and now they are listed in Top #10 company.

Here is list of Free Hosting Billing Software:

1. - WHMBill is a free billing software but you need to place a order for free license key (Seems they are waiting for popularity and once their software will become popular then they will switched to paid only)

2. BoxBilling: - This is free software with some limitation like you can use only x number of servers or maximum 5 to 10 customers.

3. AccountLabPlus: ALP is free billing software, There is no any limitation and I think this is opensource software.

4. TheHostingTool: This is specially make for free hosting providers

5. PHPCoin: Free and open source software but hard to configure and understand that how its work however I was use this software many years ago so maybe they improve their software.

6. BillingServ: Basic plan is free but limited to 50 maximum customers and 50 invoice.

7. NeoBill: This is free billing software but not so popular.

8. ShineISP: Available at github at free of cost.

9. BILLmanager: You can check demo of this software on ISPsystem website.

I did not put links to this software but you can search in google. If you know more free billing software then post here and I will include it in free billing software list.


I'm always worried about security with free billing software. How secure are the free alternatives? Wouldn't it be better to invest in a paid service that works well? One would write off the cost as an investment in customer service?