How to Install MyBB Manually


  1. Inbuilt
Step 1: official website. Make sure you did NOT download it from unknown website and it must be downloaded from official website of MyBB, click here to download MyBB Forums Software(You can also can install your own language instead of English

Step 2:Online File Manager.

File Manager.

Once you open File Manager then open Public_html folder and upload your downloaded MyBB .zip or .rar folder.

Rename "
config.default.php" file to "config.php" - File located: /inc/config.default.php

Create a new database from MySQL Database option.

Step 7:
database user and password and make sure that you SAVEPassword Generator" or you can use your own Password.

Add MySQL User to Database and give FULL permission

Give "All Privileges" to your MySQL User and then click on make changes/save.
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