How the Cloud Is Changing Business: Important Facts

Cloud facilitates the confidential information to travel rapidly in both directions: across computing with virtualization technology and scaling up/down to efficiently handle the bigger workloads and higher level of security across thousands of computing machines.

1. Operational Improvements

2. Deal with Customer Needs Effectively

3. Cost savings and Cost Reductions

4. Cost-effectiveness

5. Security Considerations

6. Enhanced Flexibility

7. Work Never Stops

Data and files re available all the time, so anyone can get the updated files or edit them from anywhere having an internet connection and a computing device.
This topic doesn't exactly tell us how it is changing business. :D

Best that I can see how it is helping change businesses and how they operate, is that it allows files and services that businesses use and run off of, the opportunity to make it easier to share the same item needed to run multiple locations, and to help people get the same information in a timely manner.


It is enabling multiple users to share and work on the same projects and files at the same time while sitting at different locations.
For big enterprises, it is a boon. They are scraping out their IT hardware as they can use cloud technology with large resources of storage and bandwidth. Small users can save their money as they pay per usage in a cloud hosting. All these increases cost effectiveness and outsourcing in businesses.