ExoticVPS.com Shutdown/Closed


Look like summer is over for ExoticVPS, It was started with $4/year SSL and silently owner of ExoticVPS close this.

You can't call this Company because of Whois Domain privacy is enable so next time If you will purchase hosting, VPS from any company then don't forget to check Whois Domain otherwise you will not even get a chance to take a backup because of this type of company closed without any information.

You can't even contact them because of Whois Privacy and It will be also hard to take any action against them because of Domain Registration details can be false.

This is the reason why I do not purchase hosting from company who use Whois Privacy, No company details or they have a very less page and TOS/Privacy info is copied by online TOS Generator website for web hosting.


The competition is huge, they are so many companies offering good hosting for such cheap prices :huh: . It would be really hard for hosting companies to survive in such environment.


Hopefully clients didn't lose their files or domains. That can have a big impact on people's lives. Did they give any notice?