Earn $266/mo per month by my simple idea (for dumb)


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I have a good idea and you can use it to earn $266 per month. I am not genius and does not know what is CPA or even I don't want to understand or waste time in google adsense.

For this Idea you need 20 .com or .xyz domain which can be purchased from many domain registrar (You can find coupons to register domain at just $2 for first year) but since my idea is for peoples who is beginner and even can't spend lot of money so we will start from purchasing only 1 domain.

You can get free hosting from many company or purchase a hosting who sell at yearly price under $5 to $10.

1. Purchase Domain
2. Purchase Hosting
3. Install Wordpress software via softaculous, target some niche like tech product, health product or hosting product only. Once installed then start posting. (Better If you spend some time to find good topic and post on that topic)
4. Advertise in forums, If possible then advertise your site in 50+ forums
5. In starting at least post 10 post each month, after 2 month when you get enough traffic like 5k per month on your site/blog.

6. Final Step: Now its time to earn money, put 3 banners at $5/mo or $6/mo on your each blog.

Note: Peoples will only pay you $5 to $6 for your low traffic promoting their niche.

TIP: For extra income you can post sponsored post, Your advertiser will give you a content with their link and you need to post it on your blog.

How to earn $266?
For this you need 20 websites. If you want to earn double then you need 40 website.


Namecheap still has good offers for 0.88C domains so that should not be a very big investment for 20 domains. 20 US$ is not so expensive for a beginner business. One could get the hosting for free. Sounds like a good business idea.


Great idea but as deanhills there is a cheap domain available so dont have to invest much only 20$ is noting