Dedicated Server Hosting in USA.


If you are looking for dedicated server for advancement from shared hosting, then you should know some facts before you choose dedicated hosting services. There are lots of options available in USA and neighboring countries like Canada. So lets dive into some important facts we must know.

Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server: If you have time, and you can install OS, Control panel, antivirus, etc., to make your server functional and secure, choose Unmanaged dedicated server. No doubt that you will save some cash as unmanaged severs are cheaper than Managed ones. Although for starters managed dedicated server is a better option. The server provider handles the applications on the server and its security.

Ultra high Bandwidth or Ultra high Memory: Whether you need ultra high bandwidth for handling large volume of corporate data or you need ultra high memory for gigantic database. There are customized server options available for your specific needs. Generally unmetered bandwidth is a likable option. If not available, a 5 TB monthly data transfer should be minimum available bandwidth. The more generous a host is with RAM, storage and data transfer, the more better it is. Processors and number of available cores also matter for high and consistent performance of your server.

Server Uptime: Uptime is crucial for every type of online businesses. Nearly every hosting provider guarantees up-to 99% uptime. Therefore it is vital that you read customer reviews about the company and the product before you rely the uptime guarantee by the provider.

Cost and Fees: I have done some searches over the price for a server in USA and Canada. The entry level price is around $112 per month, and it runs to $165 and even higher for powerful server with loads of resources. Do not overlook upgrade charges or any other over head charges even if you think you do not need upgrades in future. Some hosts chrage lower rate on first purchase, but monthly prices increases significantly after the first year. Dreamhost's price doubles after first renewal, and Milesweb renews at intro price, but there is storage limit also. Therefore calculate the cost over a long period to compare the price of different providers for different features.

Server Location: Server location can affect the speed of your Websites, in some cases. If you have a shop in Chicago, most of your site visitors are likely to be regional, so you would want to have servers in the central United States. Server location shouldn’t affect search engine optimization (SEO), so it shouldn’t affect your ranking in search engines.

Money Back Guarantee: You should check the rules FOR money back of hosting provider and make sure you comply with them for full refund. Money-back guarantee by A2Hosting is prorated after 30 days.

Technical Support: High quality technical support is highly recommended for dedicated server. You will need help in installation of different applications and security of your server. Check the customer reviews of a particular provider before you jump on buying their product so that you don't regret later on.

Conclusion: Well, upgrading from shared hosting to dedicated server definitely brings resources for your website, and it can be a pleasant experience if you do some home work related to required features and different hosting companies you are considering for purchase. Therefore take your time and make a proper comparison data sheet listing your requirements and pros and cons of various providers. Your hard work will pay you a powerful server at reasonable cost and peace of mind.