Complete Tutorial: How to start your website - What is Required?


Many of peoples don't know how to start their own website or what is required.

What is required to start your 1st website?

Domain Registration
You need to register your domain name like from domain registrar or domain seller. Beware domain must be registered on your name and not on others name else your domain provider will be owner of domain and later they can kick you or ask you to pay lot of money.(I see many case in India)

Shared Hosting
You need a shared hosting account, it means your website files will be hosted on some server. You can purchase hosting from any provider in India or any country(excluding china)

Name Server Setup
You need to login to domain control panel and set your nameserver which is provided by your hosting provider like and or you can create your own private nameserver like ns1 and ns2.YourDomainName.tld

If you are technically weak and don't know anything then you can ask your domain registrar to change your domain name server to your provided nameserver. For example If I purchase a domain from domain registrar ABCD and purchase hosting from for example) and they give me a nameserver like then I will send email to my domain registrar like "please set namserver and to my domain name

File/Blogging Software
Software like Wordpress or html page is required to display content on your website. Most of peoples want to start their blog so If you want to start a blogging then you can use Wordpress. (Wordpress is a free opensource blogging software)

How can I upload my html page to my website?
Most of hosting provider use cPanel or Direct Admin control panel. You can control many things from your hosting control panel like you can create email/delete/edit, or you can modify DNS, files, etc from your hosting control panel.

If your provider give you a cPanel then you can use FTP or cPanel Inbuilt filemanager to upload your file to /public_html/ folder.

Note: If you upload anything in public_html then anyone can view your file by accessing your domain but its depend on permission. If you set a permission on your file to not show to public then it will be not accessible but by default your file will be display to public.

So, I am noob and I don't know anything about web hosting. I need to install wordpress or use html page. I search in google and find this html page. You can save this page as a index.html and upload it to your /public_html/ folder.

<title>I am Indian, My first page</title>
My First Page, Here I can write my story, contents, text,etc..

How to Install Wordpress using Softaculous Auto Script Installer?
Do you know, Softaculous is a Indian company and they manage 350+ free/paid script. It means you can automatically install many of software by just 1 or 2 clicks. Without softaculous you will need to manually wordpress software file, create database, username, give permission, run installer, etc but with softculous you just need to select software, fill form like username/password, site title,etc and then click on the install button.

I have a video tutorial but don't want to add this to this forum because of my video contain a watermark and I am royal person and don't want to violate rules and also don't have a time to add text tutorial because this thread already take my 30 to 40 minute but in future I will add text tutorial. ;XD.

You can ask any question related to web hosting. I am expert in this field. I help many Indian peoples to start their own blog on, site, etc.