CloudFlare hacked, Your website data is not secure - Maxmind Affected


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Recently, There was a bug discovered in Cloudflare and we received an email that there is a issue of memory leak and it means user of Cloudflare will need to change their website password and password of their customers.

Cloudflare announce about it on their blog and inform their customer about memory leak bug.

If you or your customer use CloudFlare then don't forget to change password of your MySQL, User password, admin password because of there is a chance that your data is exposed in a hand of hackers.

This is really shocking for CloudFlare users who think that they are in secure hand šŸ‘¼

Data of Thousands of website is leaked.

Maxmind use CloudFlare
Maxmind is a customer of CloudFlare and also they inform their customer to change their password.

CloudFlare announce memory leak report on their blog.
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