The "Mazi" in the store name has the meaning of commemorating mother on the one hand, and on the other hand, "Mazi" is a homonym of "Maji", which means good brother. The word has two meanings, which is very interesting. Since my mother is an overseas Chinese in Thailand, she opened a restaurant and cooked Thai food when it went well. But Frankie added: "Mummy never left any recipes behind, or taught them how to cook." Currently, the two of them cook and try the dishes in restaurants, and use their taste memories to reshape the tastes they ate when they were young. "In fact, I must not have learned enough, and there is no need, because Mommy cooked family dishes at the time. The ingredients were cooked in a simple way and the taste was strong, which may not suit the taste of Hong Kong people. My brother and I have adjusted the taste. I hope It’s lighter, and the ingredients are deliberately enriched.”