Domain On a vps


can i host a domain for my web without buyinh i meant i want to host my own domain on vps but the question is is it possible?


Strange question. If you don't want to buy a domain, you of course can't host it on your Website. However you can try free domains at freenom.

Be careful though not to make your Website too popular as freenom takes back domains that have added value to them. Also, some hosts don't like free domains. They want you to have a paid TDL.


You can't really do it, in my opinion. I think the rights to own .com or .in registry are auctioned and the company or person who buys it can then sell domain names under his registry.


Yes, hosting your domain on a VPS without purchasing a domain name is possible by using free subdomains provided by services like No-IP or DuckDNS, using the VPS's IP address directly, or registering a free domain through services like Freenom. You can then point the free subdomain or free domain to your VPS's IP address, configure your web server (such as Apache or Nginx) on the VPS to serve your website and access your site using the chosen subdomain, free domain, or IP address.